About Us

We are Birva, Durva,and Shiv Trivedi -- immigrant-Indian-American siblings navigating our American Dream as (in birth order) a doctor, lawyer, and engineer. We’re lucky in a million little ways, fortunate to have had our inimitable parents, our faith community, our opened doors, each other, and our health.

Quick intros:

Birva is a doctor, starting her family medicine residency in Chicago this June (yes, in the middle of a global pandemic). She has understood doctors to be heroes without capes for at least a decade now. She combines the grit of a medical student with the patience of a painter/yogi, centering humor and light throughout.

Durva is an aspiring lawyer and public servant. Post-college, she has been working for 3 years at a philanthropy in NYC. She believes that charity should never be a substitute for justice. She will start her JD-MPP this fall in Boston. She reads, dances, sings off-key and off-pitch, laughs often, and loves storytelling.

Shiv is a budding engineer, a high school junior in Atlanta, a state champion and award-winner in robotics, computer science, public speaking, business leadership, and more. His list of project ideas is never-ending, and he aspires to be both inclusive and excellent as he imagines a future in tech and business.

Each of us individually and the three of us collectively have various identities that we navigate, including, but not at all limited to, our “doctor,” “lawyer,” and “engineer” labels. We will explore some of them here in hopefully fun, creative, informative ways. If you feel so inspired, get in touch with us! (clickety clackety “get in touch” buttons)

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